Advanced Planting Set

If your Potti has the following problems:
1. Lack of indoor light (plants lack photosynthesis and are easy to wither)
2. Poor plant growth (low germination rate, slow growth)
3. Fish health problems (water quality becomes sour, which makes fish easy to get sick)

Planting package content:
1. One full-spectrum LED planting light for Potti
3 lighting time adjustments (4, 8 or 12 hours), corresponding to the growth stages of wheatgrass, vanilla and salad vegetables provided by Potti
USB power supply interface, power saving and safety
Full spectrum (white light) design, integrated into the indoor environment

2. Organic plant trace element supplement liquid (containing iron)
Imported and manufactured in the U.S., all natural and organic ingredients
Speed ​​up the growth rate of planted herbs, salad vegetables and fruit plants
Solve the problem of yellowish leaves and weak stem growth
Each bottle has a capacity of 50 ml, which can be used to grow salad vegetables and herbs intact

3. Water quality test paper (50 pieces)
Understand the condition of aquaponics symbiosis ecosystem (nitrite, nitrate, pH), and prevent sudden changes in water quality
Determine when you can increase the number of fish, the number of times and the amount of fish fed

4. Coral bones to balance the pH of the water quality (100 grams)
Improve the health of fish and nitrifying microorganisms
Accelerate the maturation of the nitrification system and reduce the formation of toxins
Make the fish tank water lasting stable and clean
Effectiveness is maintained for 1-1.5 months

Recommended use:
1. Set the lighting time of the LED planting light: wheatgrass (4 hours), herbs (8 hours), salad (12 hours)
2. Use water quality test paper to check the concentration and pH of nitrite and nitrate in the water quality of the system
3. If the pH is lower than 6.8, place the coral bones in the planting pot
4. Add organic plant trace element supplement solution (twice a week, 3 ml each time)

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