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($150 以上免運費)全天然微量元素(含鐵質)<br>有效幫助水仙、香草、生菜及果實種植

($150 以上免運費)全天然微量元素(含鐵質)

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1. 葉子顏色泛黃及細;
2. 植物生長速度慢,或者長了數塊葉便死亡;
3. 植物不能順利結果實。



成份:美國生產全天然微量元素、每瓶 50ml

使用方式:一星期使用 2 次,每次把 3 ml 加入魚缸水中。

1. 每次加入水後,水的顏色會變成微啡色,但 2-3 天後顏色便消退,水質回復清澈。
2. 建議每星期用水質測試紙檢查 Potti 水質(理想數據為 pH 保持在 6.8-7.0、硝酸鹽 (NO3) 在 100 mg/L 以上)。

If your plant has the following symptoms:
1. Pale yellowish leaves;
2. The plant grows slowly;
3. The plants cannot produce fruits.
It reflects that the plants are lack of iron, thus cannot produce chlorophyll and harmfully affect the photosynthesis reaction.

This nutrient solution contains iron and other minerals extracted from algae growing in the deep sea which are important for healthy plant growth. Those nutrients help making the leaves of the plant greener and growing faster, effectively improving plants Health.

Origin: Made in Netherland.

Usage: Add 3 ml to the fish tank water. Twice a week.

1. The water will be slightly brownish after each addition, but it will be  disappeared after 2-3 days.
2. It is recommended to check the water quality of Potti every week with water quality test paper (ideal value: pH at 6.8-7.0, nitrate (NO3) level above 100 mg/L).
3. If the pH of the water is lower than 6.4,  please add coral bones (buy now) to neutralize.

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