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Fish Tank Light set: Free Fish Food + Nutrients for Plant

Planting Light Set: Free Fish Food + Waterproof LED Fish Tank Light *Hot Item

Potti is a lightweight version of the fish and vegetable

symbiosis system. It has the advantage of "no need to

change water for fish farming, and no need to spray

and fertilize vegetables", and it will not attract mosquitoes.

Just simple steps (five minutes installation) can effortlessly

grow organic vegetables and raise ornamental fish at home

to embellish your gorgeous home.


  • There is no need to change water for fish farming, and no need to spray water and fertilize when growing vegetables.
  • Noise-free water pump (4 dB) design, even if it is placed in the bedroom, it will not affect falling asleep.
  • The water pump is designed to be separated from the water, which will not affect the water temperature and avoid damage due to blockage.
  • Patented siphon design to ensure that the fish tank water contains sufficient oxygen (tested by the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin) without the need for an additional pump.
  • The siphon cycle, like the tides of nature, ensures that the roots of plants will not be immersed in water for a long time and become necrotic, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Seamless one-piece fish tank, made of polycarbonate, which is more transparent and firmer than glass. Enjoy the fish ecology in full HD.


Seed selection:

Customers will get 3 types of seeds when they purchase Potti

Set, including seasonal salad dishes, cooking herbs, and even

wheatgrass, which cat owners love, to take care of your

family’s needs.


One year maintenance for all accessories in the system

(except for planting soil and seeds)

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    Wheat grass

    Michael SH Lee
    Perfect learning experience for kids

    Potti appears to me when I am at a coffee shop while I am waiting. I find it amazing for how it design and make it working as well. I goggle about the concept and how it functions, and found it may be a good learning kit for my children who always wants gold fish.

    Through Potti, I would like to teach my child things are meant to be balance. This ecosystem helps not only my child but myself to learn from the system. It is like watching a miracle happening.

    Things and life are never be smooth. Potti for the first time give me some challenges and frustrations when I never had to deal with fish before. Fortunately, the support the Potti is given is amazing. The entire support team's great support will definitely help to ease a lot of concerns and problems.

    I always worried that the fish / plants will die because of the ECO system is not balance. Again, with Potti's great support, we slowly get things back to track.

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your kind words and share your experience with us. We all want to help kids to make progress as we are parents as well.

    Lok Yiu, Wong Lok Yiu, Wong

    Potti Set

    YinChi Man


    Tony Lui

    首先感謝Alex 的耐心指導及快速的回應,能夠感受到一種與你同行的感覺。Potti 本身的支援及預設教學已經好完善,加上Alex 的指導簡直係無懈可擊!
    整個設計絕對係真心,真誠,真有意義,絕對值得去親身感受potti 的魅力。更加能夠為家庭融洽氣氛增值添。結果係重要,但係過程都十分重要!希望我家的potti 將來繼續健康快樂成長。做到魚菜共生,健康生態倍增!^^

    Customer Reviews

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    規格:電壓 100-220 伏特(USB計插頭式,1A 電源,國際通用)、IPX8 防水標準。

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