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(免運費)「配件」培植土和種子 </br> (Free Shipping) Organic Growing Medium (with Seed)

(Free Shipping) Organic Growing Medium (with Seed)


包括 (Includes):

(1) 培植土(一對)
One pair of organic growing medium

(2) 沙律菜及香草種子  
Salad Greens and Herbs Seeds 

產品優點 (Product Description):

(1) 為魚菜共生系統特別設計的低密度、高排水性的有機纖維,有效提升種子發芽的成功率;
A low density, high drainage organic fibre with characteristics specifically developed for aquaponics seed germination

(2) 為植物根部提供最佳的氧氣、水份及營養的平衡,確保根部健康生長;
Allow for an optimal balance of oxygen and water

(3) 適合用來培植蔬菜、香草、花卉及綠葉植物;
Good for vegetables, herbs, flowers and foliage crops

(4) 每塊培植土可同時種植 8 棵沙律菜,或 16 棵香草。
Each piece of growing medium can grow up to 8 heads of salad greens or 16 herbs, at the same time. 

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