Fast Water Stabilizer "Bacto Clean" (50ml)

If you want to shorten the time to establish a fish-vegetable

symbiosis ecology, you can start raising more kinds of fish as

soon as possible without only raising 1-2 fish; or if you

accidentally overfeed the fish food, the toxin content in the

water will suddenly increase and harm The fish is healthy, what

you need to do is not to change the water, but to use this

stabilizer immediately.


  1. Quickly reduce the content of toxins (nitrite and chlorine)  in the water.
  2. Speed ​​up the decomposition of fish manure and nitrogen   -containing impurities.
  3. Suitable for freshwater aquatic organisms.
It is recommended to use it with the "6 in 1 Testing Strip".
Ingredients: Active Nitrifying Bacteria
Imported from the Netherlands

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