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快速水質穩定劑「Bacto Clean」(50ml)

快速水質穩定劑「Bacto Clean」(50ml)

HK$59.00 HK$99.00


  1. 迅速降低水中毒素(亞硝酸鹽及氯氣)含量。
  2. 加快分解魚糞及含氮雜質。
  3. 適用於淡水水族生物。

建議配合「6 合 1 水質測試紙」使用,可更有效了解水質問題及改善。




  1. Quickly reduce the content of toxins (nitrite and chlorine) in water.
  2. Speed ​​up the decomposition of fish manure and nitrogen-containing impurities.
  3. Suitable for freshwater aquatic life.

It is recommended to use it with the "6 in 1 Water Quality Test Paper" to better understand and improve water quality problems.

Ingredients: Active Nitrifying Bacteria

Imported from the Netherlands

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