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養魚不用換水 種菜不用施肥
Self-cleaning & Self-fertilizing Patent Aquaponics Kit

散發「Less is more」設計風格的 Potti,以一體式概念配合流麗設計;纖巧的外型具備大型魚菜共生系統的功能,構成由魚、植物及微生物三者和諧並存的自然生態。

Potti 是輕巧版的魚菜共生系統,具備「養魚不用換水,種菜不用淋水施肥」的優點,而且不會惹來蚊蟲。只需簡單的步驟(五分鐘安裝)便可以毫不費力的在家中種植有機蔬菜及飼養觀賞魚,點綴你的華麗家居。

With the concept of “Less is more”, Potti adopts a seamless design in a sleek appearance, and is scientific engineered to create a harmonious ecosystem for the fish, plants and microorganisms just like any other large-scale aquaponics systems.

Potti is a pest-free desktop aquaponics kit which does not require cleaning the tank or fertilizing the plants. All it takes is simple steps (within five minutes) to set up your own Potti for growing organic vegetable and raising aquarium fish effortlessly. It’s more than a mini farm; it’s a delight to the eye perfect for your home.


  • 養魚不用換水,種菜不用淋水施肥
  • 無噪音水泵(4 dB)設計,即使放在睡房中也不影響入睡
  • 離水式設計水泵,不會影響水溫及避免因雜物阻塞而損壞
  • 專利虹吸設計,確保魚缸水含有充足氧氣(經香港專業教育學院(沙田)測試)而不需額外打氣泵
  • 虹吸循環,像大自然的潮汐漲退,確保植物根部不會長期浸在水中而壞死,而且避免滋生蚊蟲
  • 無縫一體式魚缸,以聚碳酸酯(Polycarbonate)製作,比玻璃更透光及堅固,全高清欣賞魚類生態

Product Features:

  • Self Cleaning fish tank and Self fertilize the plants
  • Ultra Quiet System (4 dB) that you can place in the bedroom and sleep soundly next to it
  • Above-water design of the water pump: does not affect the water temperature or get stuck with tiny particle or fish waste
  • Patent engineering design to ensure the tank is always supplied with enough oxygen (tested by The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin)) without extra air pump and power
  • Siphon cycles to resemble natural tides, which avoid root rot due to prolonged soaking and keep insects away
  • Seamless fish tank made of polycarbonate, which is more transparent and durable than glass for the clearest view of the aquatic life


    有關魚菜共生     About Aquaponics


    The mechanism of the cycle is simple: firstly, the fish produces faeces; secondly, such wastes are converted by the microorganisms in the water into nitrate, a nutrient for the plants above to thrive; thirdly, the water is purified by the roots of the plants, which ensures a healthy environment for the fish to live in.