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SuperFarm (Hong Kong) Limited

成立於 2014 年的 SuperFarm,致力以「魚菜共生」(aquaponics)為教育工具推行 STEM (綜合科學)及生命教育。為了讓每一間學校也能不受校內空間及人力資源限制參與教育計劃,設計輕巧版魚菜共生桌上系統的理念在 2014 年萌芽,到了 2016 3 月正式面世。Potti 的設計精密,讓魚類、植物及微生物三者之間達到一種和諧的生態平衡關係,養魚不用換水,種菜不用施肥淋水,同時沒有蚊蟲滋擾。同年 SuperFarm 推出全港首個 STEM 魚菜共生生命教育計劃「School of Planet」,並得到香港專業教育學院(沙田)應用科學系全力支持,於本港小學及中學推行教育課程,透過 Potti 解說魚菜共生的化學、物理學及生物學等原理(STEM),以至生命教育、市區耕種、農業生態危機及可持續發展等環保槪念,同學提供嶄新的學習體驗,提升學習興趣,深受學校歡迎。

SuperFarm has been committed to promoting STEM and life education using aquaponics as an education tool since established in 2014. In order to allow every school to participate in the education programme unrestricted by campus space and manpower, the idea of developing a desktop aquaponics kit was initiated in 2014, and realized in March 2016. Potti is an exquisite appliance formulated to achieve a harmonious balance among the fish, the plants and the microorganisms with a self-cleaning and self-fertilizing system that does not attract pests. In 2016, SuperFarm has also obtained support from The Education University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Shatin to launch “School of Planet”, the first-ever STEM aquaponics life education programme in Hong Kong. The joint team has been implementing learning programme in local primary and secondary schools, in which Potti is used to illustrate the chemistry, physics, biology and various STEM knowledge it involves, as well as life education and green topics including urban farming, ecological crisis in agriculture and sustainable development. The programme is effective in raising students’ learning interest and well-received by schools.

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