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快捷查詢(可直接輸入問題關鍵詞如水泵、滴水、發霉): Quick guide (Please input keyword(s) of your problem, e.g. water pump, dripping, mould, etc)

使用上的問題及解決方法 Problems and solutions while operating the system

培植土的使用問題 Problem while using the growing medium

出現白點是否發霉? White spots appear mouldy?

應用培植土哪一面種植? Which side of the growing medium should I use?

每次種完需要更換嗎? Do I have to change the growing medium?

為什麼水呈黃色及混濁? Why my tank water is yellowish and cloudy?

水泵是否壞了? My water pump is not working?

電源未接上 Not connected to power

魚缸水位過低 Water level is too low

物理過濾格內冇水 No water inside the physical filter compartment

檢查水管與水泵的連接是否緊密 Water pipe and pump is not well connected

黑色物理過濾棉放得太入 Physical Filter (Black Sponge) too tight

水泵的扇葉停止轉動 Water Pump is not running

水循環出現問題 Water Cycle Problems

水循環停止了 In case of water cycle ceased, please check the following:

出現持續滴水情況 Water is dripping under my growing tray

水持續流下不停 Water continued to flow down

水泵發出噪音 Pump noise

是否應該換水的疑問:Questions regarding change of tank water

水好像變混濁了? Water seems to become cloudy?

多久才需換水? How often should I change the water?

關於魚的疑問: Questions about Fish

可以飼養什麼魚? What fish should I keep in Potti?

應多久餵一次魚? How often should I feed the fish?

應用甚麼來餵魚? What to use to feed the fish?

除了魚還可以養其他水族動物嗎? Can I raise other aquarium creatures apart from fish?

停電會死魚嗎? Will fish die in case of power failure?

如果魚生病了,應如何是好? What to do if my fish falls sick?

關於種植的疑問: Questions regarding plants

Potti 可種植哪些植物? What type of plant can I grow with Potti?

太多水會浸死植物的根部嗎? Will the plant dies from prolonged immersion in water?

Potti 是否只適合多水環境的植物生長? Is Potti only suitable for plant growth in aquatic environments?

如果停電植物會死嗎? Will my plant die in case of power failure?

Potti 是否適合任何家庭? Is Potti suitable for any household?